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Leather and Denim

The leather I use, is carefully selected from a tannery in Italy and is certified by Genuine Italian
Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium.
Vegetable tanning is an authentic process, which takes months. Big wooden barrels are filled with
cow hide, bark, roots, chestnuts and different plants, which gives every hide a different look and that
is where the leather gets its own character.


The Denim fabric I use in my products are woven with a selvedge.
Selvedge Denims are produced on an authentic shuttle loom, which originates from the early years
of denim weaving.
Selvedge Denim stands for authenticity, high quality and durability, which is renowned and
respected by the Denim community.


Like leather, denim is a strong, durable and authentic material, which gets more beautiful while it
Combining these two materials in one product, creates a unique bag for lifetime.
The stains and marks of your daily life will create his own patina and adds personality into the bag and his unique careier.

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